MHH 195 - Glenn Holmes - Box-n-Burn Academy Trainer and Personal Trainer

This weeks guest is Glenn Holmes. Mike and Glenn go Chit for Chat while hanging out VIP style at Musink! Learn all about what makes Glenn one of LA’s most successful trainers and what makes Mikes breakfast burritos some of the best in Bremerton! You’re gonna laugh, you’re gonna cry, and even get some weight loss advice from the best in the business so sit back, pump up the volume and take it all in.  

Per Glenn was born and raised in North West England, he has been surrounded and involved with sports his whole life. Growing up as a boxing fan, Glenn pursued the sport upon his permanent move to Los Angeles in 2006, and having competed as an amateur boxer and competitive distance runner too, Glenn is now excelling as one of LA’s most successful and sought after personal trainers. His daily schedule includes working with a wide mix of amazing people from professional fighters, high profile musicians and actors, boxing and fitness enthusiasts and every day gym goers who all share the common interest and passion of training hard and enjoying boxing as a means to better themselves physically and mentally.

Box N Burn
Box N Burn Academy


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Background, Context & Reference:
Glenn gets started [7:45]
Box N Burn [10:30]
Weight Loss advice [13:30]
Adapting to life [18:00]
A day in Glenn’s life [21:00]
Glenn gets into Boxing [28:30]
Glenn’s boxing life [30:15]
Boxings Back! [32:00]
Mikes boxing gloves [36:00]
BNB Academy [41:00]
Fitness drummer boy [44:00]
All green no brown [48:30]
I Love LA [53:00]

Notable Links Discussed:
Tony Jeffries
Pumping Iron
Travis Barker



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