PHOTO:  Josh Dolan

PHOTO: Josh Dolan

This weeks guest is Slick Shoes! Get ready for some Punk Rawk nostalgia as Mike and the guys from Slick Shoes talk old shows, live show mishaps, and what it’s like to be a weekend musician. 2o years of Slick Shoes and 25 years of MxPx is going to make 2017 one to remember.


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Background, Context & Reference:
•    Sick Shoes [2:00]
•    Relaxed Shoes [4:00]
•    Music. It’s worth it [7:00]
•    Young Shoes[9:00]
•    Old Shoes [14:00]
•    Mikes show tumbled down [17:00]
•    Namm that’s good [21:00]
•    Dude let’s do Dallas [26:00]
•    Change things [31:00]
•    Fast Shoes [34:00]
•    Analog vs Digital [40:00]
•    Hanging at shows [49:00]
•    Music for the people! [54:00]

Notable People Discussed:
•    NAMM
•    Walrus Audio
•    Ernie Ball
•    The Descendents
•    Tooth and Nail
•    Too Bad Eugene

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