I met up with the band PVRIS on their Seattle Tour stop at the Neptune Theater. My friend and colleague, Jake Gravbrot came along with me and took photos while I hung out and talked about life now and life before they set the world on fire with their debut album, "white noise"

You and I (stripped) is an exclusive off the latest deluxe edition of White Noise.

More info on all things PVRIS - http://www.pvris.com/

instagram - @thisisPVRIS

These were some of the moments captured that night in Seattle. Enjoy the show. We got to talk about a wide scope of topics and stories. A few things we got into was Life before and after PVRIS. Also, How to maximize productivity and keep that momentum. A true artist is truly unique and it feels good to just sit back and have an open discussion on aesthetic, digital marketing, being in the spotlight. Do you believe in Ghosts? Lynn has some ideas about them. Just have a listen and be sure and stay till the end! Thank you and please subscribe if you listen on Itunes.

PVRIS (pronounced Paris)[1] is an American rock band from Lowell,Massachusetts formed by members Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, Alex Babinski, and Brian MacDonald. The band formed originally under the name Paris but later changed it to PVRIS in the summer of 2013 citing legal reasons. They have released a self-titled EP, an acoustic EP, before signing to Rise and Velocity Records and released their single "St. Patrick" on June 24, 2014 along with a music video. They released their debut album, White Noise, in November 2014, and the deluxe version of White Noise on April 22, 2016.

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Photos by Jake Gravbrot

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