Austrian Artist Marcus Smaller cut his teeth with his rock band, 3 Feet Smaller as the lead singer and guitar player. His solo material is sometimes set apart from 3FS and some songs pick up where they have left off. But his voice is unmistakable. He's got that Nickelback swagger.
Just kidding! Well, sort of. He does a spot on Chad Kruger impression.

We talk about the songs and meaning behind his lyrics. I go line by line with Marcus and we talk about ,
"Yeah, you'll get far" from his latest solo album. I sing on the 2nd verse and chorus. And some backing vocals too. I really enjoyed singing this one.
I go on and on about the song on the show so I will refrain from repeating that here. Enjoy the listen. It's a good one.

Social Media. Video games. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his rise to power.
How to keep doing what you want and staying young in today's crazy technology driven world.

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