On this episode of The Mike Herrera Hour we go deep with Mike Moen (Michael Frottage) of Neutralboy, big time lighting and dick trick aficionado Jef Benjamin of The Enemies Of and expert builder and musician playing bass for Neutral Boy, Anton Reder. These guys are good friends of mine that I've known for over 10 years now. It was great to catch them the day before they hit the road to Punk Rock Bowling. See @Neutralboymusic (instagram) on tour right now on the western side of the United States of America.

This conversation gets off to a slow start but quickly picks up speed, coarse language and some actual feelings. Listen as I peel back on the layers of Mike "the Pike" Moen's soul. Wanna hear about when Tom Wisniewski (MXPX) and I went to see our (future) light guy's performance in the world famous comedy show, Puppetry of the Penis? Find out the whole story in this episode.

The new Neutralboy digital release. "We All Come Here To Die" recorded this with Jesse from the band Noi!se. Have fun!

Neutralboy - We All Come Here To Die


Playlist -

1. My Cock Sure Gets me in Trouble - Neutralboy

2. High on Instant Coffee and I Hate my Life - Neutralboy

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