Vibes Don't Die. That's where we left off our conversation after we had pushed stop on the recording long ago. She's my guest on the podcast this Friday. Epsisode 149. It's worth a listen. I really enjoy talking to Beebs about lifestyle, business, hustle and perspective. She's got a great voice and I've heard her live many, many times. I'm grateful for that experience. Grateful is the word I'm trying to be every single day. I've even started a nightly journal that is literally just achecklist of yes, no, or skip. One of my questions is this. Are you grateful?
What would your answer be and how would that statistic look over a month then a quarter and all year? Each night, are you grateful? The fact that the question is asked each night is the very reason I can say my answer is always. Always YES.
This little silent ping flashes across the top of my mobile device and says it's time to update your journal! And if you are quick enough, you can tap right on it and it opens into your questions. Three questions to starts every single morning, night or anytime you choose. What do you want to know about your habits? I'm reminded to think about my day and push the lens back as far as I can each night for really just a few brief moments. But this actually allows me to think of at least one thing I'm grateful for. There's always more than one but one is all we need. You can be grateful for something in your life while others are breaking down completely. The human dynamic is just that.. dynamic. Either within or outside a system. We are subjects, subject others and are subjected to changing conditions in every series of our existence. We are so malleable and made that way because our world is in constant change. We hate and fear change. Yet, all we ever do is bit by bit, cell by cell, we mutate, grow, old dies, new forms. This is life? I guess so. It's just weird. We keep regenerating ourselves. But massive change, like getting your hand cut off is too much too fast. All things in moderation would do well for your here. But the point is that a massive amount of change is painful although in some situations absolutely necessary.

Vibes don't die because energy doesn't die, it just changes. It's dynamic. It's fluid. The more fluid I become in my life, the easier it is to focus on the good. Let the bad shit float on by. Be Fluid.

My 3 stats right now could be anything. But you know that one of them is; Are you grateful?
The 2nd one is; Did you exercise today? The 3rd doesn't matter. It only matters what your 3 questions are.

It could be that the questions sometimes matter more than our answers. A good question often doesn't have just one good answer. The answer, depends on the answered. You. Me. Us.

Question number 3 is this; Did you have No Alcohol? Yes, no or skip. Skip? I don't skip.

The photos were a set I did down in San Antonio, TX in January earlier this year. 2016. I love those old Air-Streams. Thanks Joe. @WestsideArchive with the T shirt design.


Photos by Joe Ortega (SATX)