Time does not stand still. But your day can sometimes feel like it is. It's often hard to find joy in the mundane. In the ordinary. But it's there. What? It's there... the Joy. It can be found in strange places. Unexpected places. Hidden among the stacks of unpaid bills or down in your sink full of dirty dishes. It's there. No more granola and the grocery is between distributors? It's there somewhere. I'm not always looking for joy. Let's be honest. I don't always need joy or to be completely happy to be fulfilled or content with my current situation. It's always about the current situation isn't it? Hedonic Adaptation is real my friends. More on that later.

I'm often much like a dog. Focused on my next meal. Focused on the task at hand or ways to avoid tackling that task.  ... Task. That word has a hard sound. The "T" has a natural percussive sound that sends me rigid. As if someone just poured ice cold water down my back and just walked away. But the task isn't what I'm afraid of. I'm afraid of not trying hard enough. Not working hard enough. Not taking this life more seriously. After all, YOLO, right?

We can't find the answers unless we ask the right questions.

Hedonic Adaptation. Another way to describe this is relative happiness. I've seen the sky light up with amazing, choreographed light shows that dazzle the eyes and breathe new life into the beholder. But after another 20 minutes of streaming bursts of bright light, the magic is gone. Whatever feeling we used to get, it's gone. Much like a junky chasing that white dragon, that fix. Like chasing a mirage. It's not the same. But you can train your mind and body to resist hedonic adaptation. Here's how. Be grateful and mindful. Be present. Let your passing thoughts keep passing. Don't worry about the future. Do what must be done.

We just need motivation. To be told to get up. We need that push. Everything needs a push. Sexual push. Mental push. Physical push. What does the team of nurses and doctors speak out with urgency to a mother delivering a child into a brave new world? A clear command. PUSH.