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Here we go, another year and we're a little further along. It's never that monstrous leap up into the stratosphere. It's the micro measurements. One foot in front of the other. That's how progress is made for the most part in my life. Yes, production speeds vary greatly. I've been keeping a nice and steady flow of work to personal time ratio. As always, the more you play the more you pay later. That's fine. I'll pay. It's worth it to cram in a bunch of work in order to have some hang loose time.

Time is a funny thing. It's impossible to hold onto. You can't keep it. At least not for very long. Eventually we get tired and need to sleep. Where does the time go then? We use alarms to bring us back before we're ready. But time didn't stop when your mind shut down for a scrub. That's the trouble with time. It eats away at you. If you use time to do the things you truly desire, you can't regret that. Even then, time is never really on our side, even if the Stones say it is.

My guest is Andy Husted. He was a founding member of MXPX. After leaving the band in the mid 90's he went on to own multiple restaurants and businesses mainly involving Craft and Micro Brewed beer.  

I ran into Andy on New Year's Eve as I was out with a group whooping it up on and he was doing the same. So we did some of that together. As we got to talking about our crazy world and life I invited him on the podcast. The next day, not too early we sat down at the studio and got to talking over a few beers. We talk about the present and the past. Some good stories about old MXPX recording sessions and our first tour van that would barely get us to gigs. We finally abandoned it after the brakes went out on our way home from a show. We had to down shift, E-brake it and coast through town. We made it without a scrape or a scratch. Those came earlier and then again much later.

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