Ticket Scalping goes back to the 1800s and is a huge business worth 5 billion a year in the U.S. alone. MXPX fans are losing out on seeing the band at face value so we decided to not just talk about fighting scalpers but actually do it. That's what we did and are doing right now with the support of the listeners and fans like you. Thank you. This episode covers the how, why and why not's of running your own event business in 2016.

Mxpx Booking Agent/Manager Tom Chichila joins the show to talk about ticket scalpers and how to fight them! Get updated on the latest Mxpx show ticket situation. Follow Tom on Insta and Twitter: @tomisnotangry. Join the conversation by commenting on this post or on Insta or Twitter: @mikeherreraTD Questions, comments, and good stories can all be sent to mikeherrerahour@gmail.com. The Mike Herrera Hour - every Friday & Sunday, 8pm ET/ 5pm PT here on Idobi.com. http://ido.bi/2r8

This is the message I sent out on the net for people that wanted tickets to get on that list. Although we realize we can't fix the whole problem, we can make a big difference within our own network. As always, thank you.

Re: Scalpers
We are creating a waiting list, as we cancel suspicious orders from our Hollywood buyer list that appear to be scalpers—  we will re-release tickets directly to people on our waiting list after a few days of waiting to see if mistakes were made.

Please email tickets@mxpx.com and put “MxPx- Hollywood Night 1, 2, or 3” in the subject and make sure to leave your full name and contact info.

If your order is cancelled and you are not a scalper.  Please immediately email this address and let us know.  There will be a few days between canceling orders and us releasing to the waiting list.  We are trying, please stay patient

—for waiting list.
2 ticket limit on re-sale
-will call only
-must have ID and CC used to purchase
-the list will be first come, first serve in the order requests are received.



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Screeching Weasel & MxPx - London

Saturday 02 April, 2016 at O2 Forum, London


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