So long summer, it's been nice but there's so much to do before the holidays. Gasp!! It's closer than you think. I've got the first of two guests named Ryan. Stay tuned next week for numero dos. So this week I've got my go to guy. Ryan McKinnon has been coming up in the world of high quality photography and video with his own personal dark style. We get deep into his take and love for photos. I love his work and he always makes me look interesting.

This episode is mostly two parts mixed together. It's a sort of gorilla photo school,a breaking down the different aspects of shooting live shows, lifestyle shoots, workflow, and motivation. Part 2 is intertwining a real life photo session from Ryan's perspective with my recap of how the MXPX hometown show went. We get detailed and our longtime friend and roadie Greg Bennett chimes in with some of his perspective. 

These are some of my favorite photos and we talk about some of these images on the podcast. Use this to get a feel for the photos and conditions we are talking about. Revert back to my other blogs for other examples of his work.

Lastly, thank you for listening to the podcast (assuming you do or have). It's been a huge project that will always be a work in progress. Some shows are great, others aren't. But I just about always have fun learning or even just going through ideas with my guests and also my listeners. I always welcome feedback. @mikeherreraTD

It's fantasy football season and this year I'm fantasizing about football myself. To help me make sense of it all I've got Ed Ervin The official Mike Herrera Hour Fantasy Football Expert/Cowboys Fan/Friend calling into the show. We talk a little game, talk a little trash and I lament my first week's IRL team's devastating loss and I definitely sound dorky. More than usual.

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Photos by @RjMckinnon