There are many reasons why Mondays are my favorite day of the week.

1. It's that week's morning.  You've got the whole week ahead of you. I tend to be optimistic in the mornings especially, so this makes a whole lot of sense to me. My brain works in very strange, unorganized, yet very particular ways. Monday is the week's morning time. Sunday is the week's wee hours of the night. You just wanna chill on a Sunday.

2. I'm less stressed on a Monday because I've got the whole week ahead to worry about that big TPS report. I'll do it mañana. Also see #1.

3. Monday is against the grain day.  Most people tend to hate Mondays as if having a "case of the Mondays" is a bad thing! There may be a tendency for me to gravitate away from popular days such as a Friday or Saturday.

4. Mondays are for planning. I love planning more than carrying out the plans. That's kind of strange and doesn't pay as well as actually doing the plans. Nonetheless, I never mind planning something on a Monday and then executing the plans on a more popular day. (No and then!)

5. Monday is for work. I'm always working and most others are on a Monday as well. This means I don't worry about businesses being closed for the weekend. How many times have you had to get something done or fixed but it is Friday afternoon and the dudes working the tire place pull anchor super early so they can catch an early weekend. I hate that. Therefore I love Mondays. People generally work a full day on Monday. This doesn't mean I want people out there that hate their jobs to suffer.  I appreciate people that do a service to others even if it's ultimately for the paycheck. All too often that check is too small for our jobs to continue to be utterly meaningless. Even the trash worker makes a positive difference in the lives of their customers by removing the trash from our dwellings. Almost everything is in service to one another. Whether we like it or not. We're born into this indentured servitude. To pay taxes forever. As long as yee shall live.

6.  Mondays are often my weekend. I'm a musician and I often play shows on the weekend.

7. Mondays are a reminder. It's a new week. Another opportunity to be ready. To learn and build. To Move. I build ideas that grow into objects, sounds, and images. We all do this in our own ways. I call this building Personal Pyramids. Our own masterpiece. A pinnacle. A high point. Something to work toward. Innovation? Always.
Block by block we lay our foundation then stack each moment higher and on top of each other to form our existence. They add up to an unfathomable amount of depth and experience. Some moments are long forgotten but they hold a place inside our personal pyramid the same way the memory of your last meal would. It all adds up in aggregate. Some moments more themselves than others.  The latter being less than themselves, or rather un-momentous. This is myself. Stacking.  Being me.

Questions? Let me try to answer the main one I think I'll get.  

Q-How do you love Mondays? I hate them. It's like Terminator 1 at the end where he just won't die. Every Monday it starts up a terrible machine all over again. Why are you so high and mighty loving Mondays?

A- read my points above.


Header Photo and photos 1-3 by Jake Gravbrot

Photos 4-9 by Ryan McKinnon

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