That date was July 6, 1992-2015. This wasn't overlooked on my part. But I just didn't really DO anything about it. I didn't post. I don't know why, but I do. I'm doing things. What things? It's different everyday, but I too love some of the patterns I quickly fall back into while I'm at home.

At home is nice. I'm with my family, but I'm still always working. This job is like a constant start up. Always on duty. There's no punch clock on the wall and the same goes for my mind. I don't check out of the office because I don't have an office. This is essential to me. The freedom to roam, the freedom to stay home.

Speaking of home, this weekend MXPX is playing Bremerton, WA. Our base of operations, our band's capitol. The center of all things PX. It's a homecoming of sorts and it feels good to know the show is sold out before the weekend and the place will be filled with family, many friends, neighbors, fellow musicians, our favorite bartenders, a few lawyers, nurses, fireman, we may as well get rehearsing that YMCA dance routine. It's gonna be fun! Thank you Bremerton and beyond.

Mike Herrera MXPX Loyalty Yuri Ruley

Oh and a brief update about our latest project. MXPX has been on a mission to raise funds to put together a high quality HD live video and Music. Fortunately, thanks to many of you that purchased some items and experiences from the online store we made enough to capture and edit the show. Look for this before the end of the year.  It's been long enough since we released a quality live recording. We've never had the level of quality we're investing in on this project. This is a very personal project for all of us because we want to capture the spirit of the music and people we've spent half our lives traveling the world and performing with. It's something I have to do for everyone that we've had the pleasure of meeting along the way. The friends, fans, civilians, the drunks, the bar maids, the motel maids, ok maybe it's not for them. It's for us. It's for you. But after 23 years it's long overdue but probably the best possible time to release it. We've got a little more perspective that comes with each passing year and it didn't help one bit with executing this production.

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