The rate at which we are all hurling through time and space is very fast. 66,666 Miles per Hour to be exact. Those numbers can change depending on the formula but my point is we are moving fast, while it feels as if we are standing in one place.
But technology coupled with the vast array of info available online is accelerating at such an interval as to drown us in the overflow of Internet disinformation at the same time we are drinking in the lifeblood of human ingenuity. Invention. And re invention. We humans were built to last. And something that doesn't evolve, that doesn't re invent itself, won't really ever last in the long run. The only thing that never changes is there will always be changes.
This is nuts. We as a people are changing at a very rapid pace but even more so is the tech that interleaves into not only our daily lives but our psyche. Our behaviors are constantly upgrading and integrating into this new high grade fabric that is seemingly just erupting around us. Yes, change. It's always happening, however slowly. However, ludicrous.

Do photos change? Sort of. I don't believe they actually change. But we change, the way we see the world and our own self image changes therefore a photo from the past looks much different than something shot that day.

Here are some photos I wanted to share from a few different sets by young hot photographer @RjMcKinnon