This has been a week of new, old, wonderful and stressful. Missing my girls.
Current status: Reconnecting and connecting with old and new friends.

I'm currently out on tour with Goldfinger playing bass in the UK for their headlining tour and the Slam Dunk Festival. I love getting to jam these classic tunes! MXPX opened for the Sex Pistols back in the day and Goldfinger was the main support for the show. And now I'm on stage playing for them!

We cap it off with a short turn toward the city of Moscow for a show. I've been to Russia a number of times now and each time I treat as my last. Because you just never know. That's the kind of experiences I want.

You never know what tomorrow will bring. Let's toss it up.

The music community I've been part of now for many years really is a great group of hard working artists.
Thanks to all of you for re-enforcing why I travel around the world playing music, sleeping in bunks, trains, airplanes and hotels. The love is real.

Afterthought |

The podcast this week was with Joe and Marc from the band Patent Pending. We hooked up during Slam Dunk in Hatfield, UK.  Great conversation and we have a lot of musical connections. Click the Mike Herrera Hour Link on my main page to listen!

Mike Herrera