This week on the podcast is Cody Carson, the singer for Florida band Set It Off, backed with Andy Westhead and Patty Walters of UK pop punk upstarts, As It Is. I've included some photos from our trip out to Texas where both bands played at South By So What. Having both these artists on was another unexpected turn for the better.

I seem to talk to a lot of musicians. I myself am a musician. Although I do spend a big chunk of my day doing other non musical things…
This makes me think of plumbers and electricians getting together to podcast about the tricks of the trade with some water cooler coffee talk thrown in.  After the many conversations I've had on my podcast about my trade work, my hope is to contribute some sort of value to this culture we are all part of. At least get you through a long drive or double graveyard shift. I can getcha on down the road. I can dig that. You know me, I go from earnest to funny to heartfelt in 2.2.

The Mike Herrera Hour is something I started because I wanted to be creating something new every week, month, just something new. And along the way there are so many added benefits that have proven to be invaluable in my life.

Here are a few off the top of my head.

- Social skills. I've never been great with people and with even asking a stranger for directions. Henry Fonda had stage fright till the day he passed on, yet he got up on that stage every night and slayed the dragon. I can ask anyone for directions, if need be, now that I'm all grown up. I no longer require a tour manager to do everything for me! What a bonus!

- New and old friends. This could be considered social and it is, but this is a level above. Most of my guests are people I know or have met through friends. You've heard of 7 Degrees of Kevin Bacon? In the music world it's more like 3 degrees of Kurt Cobain (or try your favorite musical legend). If I don't personally know someone, usually, I have a friend that does or knows someone that is in the camp. 3 degrees. But more to my point is the fact that I'm getting to hang with a lot of acquaintances that become true friends. Thank you to all my guests over the years and I can just barely say that. But the podcast is on episode 109 in a little over 2 years. This means nothing to me except the many conversations I've had and the growth I've made because of this show is everything. Tell your friends. It's all about friends. Family are friendly and true friends are family.

- Organizational Skills - ok.. this has been a tough one for me. I love the idea of a clean and tidy space. I just can't keep it that way. When I work I get messy. When I cook I get messy. When I play I get messy. When I clean I get messy!

But I love an organized desk or coffee table. You see, I love to play guitar and write songs while sitting at a desk or on a couch with a coffee table. I like to have a spread of tools layed out before me.
Notebooks, pens, pencils, laptop, recorder, microphones, picks, cappo, drinks, snacks, smartphone for voice memos. You get the idea. Now look, I don't need any of these luxury items to write my simple songs. I just like to have everything within arms reach so if inspiration strikes, I'm ready to strike back. You have to capture that lightning in a bottle.

Not everyone can do what I do and some can do it better. But on the flipside of that coin, I can't do what you do. So whatever that is, I want you to get out there and smash.



Listening // On the Mike Herrera Hour

Cody Carson // Set It Off

Ben Biss / Patty Walters / Patrick Foley // As It Is

Andy Westhead / Patty Walters // On the Mike Herrera Hour

Photos by @RjMcKinnon

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