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Kris Roe and Mike Herrera share the stage again

Bryan is American

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Oh totally

This week I had Kris Roe of the Ataris on my podcast, The Mike Herrera Hour, so I thought I’d post a slice of life from just a few hours of hanging out with those guys.

We met up at the South by So What Festival in Grand Prairie, Texas, near Dallas/Ft. Worth. I got roped into sitting in on the bass (twist my arm) for the Atari’s song, “In This Diary.” It’s such a solid jam.

These photos capture fellow travelers on the road to finding our own story. There are both parallel and crossed lines along the way- both are necessary in this life. This particular meeting was a parallel line that turned perpendicular when those guys got into their van and drove into the sunset. Later, I did the same with my set, Jesse and Ryan…heading south to Austin, TX, having ideas but no real idea what the remaining week would bring. Good food, good booze, and good friends were all somewhere on the horizon.

Until next time, friends. Catch Kris on episode 108 of The Mike Herrera Hour.

Photos by @RjMcKinnon

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