I need to get this out before it's buried beneath the tide of sxsw posts. I'm currently enjoying the state of Texas. More on that later. Back to Seattle...

The crowd was buzzing and the tension growing every second.
It's hard to explain the thoughts, feelings and emotions that creep in just before a public display of performance. It doesn't matter that I've done this many times before and it's gotten so much easier. But I wonder, does a commercial pilot sit in the cockpit and fear forgetting how to fly? All those people are counting on you! I won't forget how to fly this plane will I?
I say no. Or at least most probably, NO.
It's simple, do the work beforehand and you will sleep at night knowing you are ready for what's next. That's why we train for the worst and expect the best.

But this is not aviation or rocket science. It's rock n roll. Enough said! We had a great time with all of you who attended, our friends and family.

We are all about this music and love these sounds. MXPX has always been one big family experience and all these years later that's one thing that hasn't changed. Thanks for being part of the family and shout outs to both out Denver and Seattle MXPX crew!
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May 8 - Chicago, IL
May 9 - Cleveland, OH

photos & video: @RjMcKinnon
Additional video by
Tra Milburn/Greg Bennett

Foot notes: I lost my shoe on the 3rd song of the set. After holding up my dumb shoe to the audience like a trophy fish I slipped it back on like Cinderella and continued along my path of destruction (aka Saturday night.)