I have Ryan McKinnon on my #MHH podcast this week and we veer into some talk about shooting these sets and making this website. A website is a doorstep. It's a door you step through, hopefully into something interesting or useful. Here's to hoping. 


These photos were taken on a day where we must have seen 19 cop cars rolling around Bremerton at any given time. I'm supposed to feel safer, but mostly I just don't want a ticket. So there we are sketching out in some person's side yard snapping some quick photos, and we walk back into this forested area. Cops!! And a random dude pushing a bike. I have no point in telling you all this except that there's often more outside the frame of the photograph than in. Can you dig? There was a lot going on that day and the world was pissing rain down on us but we made good use of bad weather. These photos are proof of that. It's also just great to be alive each new day no matter what's being dumped upon us.


Driving around town looking at things in a new way. This is something I recommend to you, even sans photo shoot. This gives new perspective on my life and surroundings. Let's face it, most of us spend a large percentage of our lives within a small radius where we live, work and play.  So I'm giving my neighborhood the eagle eye. Squinting at every turn. This is a crude form of speed photography. Is that a thing? It is now. I'm on the go quite often and when I'm not traveling far away from home I'm still on that speed demon workflow. The cool thing is, within that workflow, it's just the right speed. Everything slows down to a crawl. I'm even typing this in sloooow mooooooooootion!!  This set we just happened to stumble upon took me by surprise because this is my town and I had no idea this place existed. It does exist. This existed before you and I. This will exist when we are gone. But we are always moving forward so who cares.. check out these insane photos that Ryan McKinnon shot. Just another stop along the way. Enjoy your day. Enjoy your Best Life. 

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