56' Dodge Pickup

Welcome to my new corner of the web. Best Life is becoming more than a #hashtag. It's all encompassing. It's visual, aural, and typographical. 2015 has been busy, especially as of late. I started a new show called Don't Miss This on the Deli Radio Network. It's a short 20 to 30 min show with music and artist interviews. I rant and rave a little bit too about whatever it is that i'm going on or above about! Now this show airs every week on wednesday, just click the box on the DMT page. I'm still doing the Mike Herrera Hour on IDOBI Radio so be sure to tune into that and there will be new music from me and even MXPX in 2015 but nothing in the immediate future. Don't forget to Subscribe, rate and review!
Along with my new venture in aural entertainment,  I've been working on this "redo" of my website for the last week.  Shooting photo sets, some small videos, staying up late making the tough decisions (like whether to go to the bar or not) all with the intention of building these web pages you see before you. I guess we did it! I say "we" because I had help. My now good friend, Photographer/Designer Ryan McKinnon took the photos, video and connected it all together for me. I had a vision of sorts, added content and lot's of backtalk! Thank you for your hard work and patience Ryan!

And I've realized something. Life itself is a collaboration. I mean, could our mama's have really birthed us without…us? I guess that whole business about being born was a collaboration then. Ha, well I wouldn't argue that point too much. You gotta be you. But my point is, in this time and culture we are always connected and collaborating with each other, friends, co-workers, family, strangers. When you take that idea to the web it goes nuts! We collaborate constantly with all types of people (and even some non people called bots and trolls). Sharing, liking, following, tagging, texting, Insta-spamming. Snap chatting? I gotta draw a line in the sand with that one. This website is just another collaboration. It's got my name on it, but it's nothing without you stopping by to collaborate with me. I've got all the social media and will still be adding to those places. But this is my backyard. My living room. My office. My life. These images were all taken close to home. This is the first of many sets and ramblings about our experiences while we're here, present. Best Life.

Yes, I know. A website is just a website. That is until you fill it with something valuable. I think there's some valuable work presented here. Thanks for honoring me with your time and consideration. Much love.


Listen to Ryan and I talk about all our photo shooting adventures, ghosts and much much more on the next Mike Herrera Hour airing on @IDOBIradio Friday 8pm EST/5PST Feb. 20.