New Year's Eve is definitely a time of celebration. A time to let loose one last time before going back to our regularly scheduled programming. But as we grow and move forward, as the new years become golden oldies, we also think of New Year's Eve as a time to reflect on the past year, a time to take personal inventory, to make note of the victories, the best times, family and friends. There is value in remembering and taking note of mistakes. But think of that as the price of learning. That's what I've been telling myself anyway!

On the last day of the year, take one last pause to look ahead and set goals, make plans, and keep working hard against your strongest competition, yourself.

I wanted to see how far I could go with this song and the production.
The truth is I could have gone even further. Actually, I did go further and pulled it back to a place that I felt had the feel I was in search of. Something new for me. Oh don't be fooled, behind it all it's just a song. That's what I do. I like to write snapshots of a time or place. Simple mostly but effective. Effective in my own way. Below you'll find a list of credits for the musicians, engineers, and video production. Thank you to Jody, Will, Ben, Greg, Connr, Mathew, and Bradly on the audio end. Thanks to my Family, Bryan, Jake, Robbi, for working with me on the video. It came together super fast!

In the video the main character, the photos, are a mainline right back in time for me,like a spinal tap into my memory banks. I instantly go back to those days, nights, streets, my living room. It was a simple idea that was not as easy to pull off as I had thought it would be. Bryan Buchelt and I talked about what was doable on very short notice and my idea was a slide show. Boom. Bryan had some strong visual ideas that we tried to capture in our fly by night film studio (MTS). Because the song was about the best things in life, I decided to put as many family photos in the video that I could.

This is a new song that was more about looking back on the year visually with the live slide show video, but the lyrics tell a story of reflection on the past year, determination in the present, and looking ahead with eyes full of wonder and hearts opened wide in the future. To put it plainly, I wrote New Year's Eve as a reminder to myself and anyone that listens to really think about what and who is important in your life. Make choices in your own life. Don't worry about dictating others. The lyrics tell a story that is personal to me, but as with many of my songs, if you can relate to this please make this part of your last day of 2015 and many other days to come in the future. Thanks for listening!

If you want to own the song you can download it from our own site by clicking the above link and at this time it's the only place to buy. (no itunes or amazon, this was very last minute and DIY)

Audio Recording Credits
I had a lot of help on this track. Thank you to the following musicians and recordists.

Additional Vocals - Jody Ellen
Keys - Will Nutter
Drums and percussion - Ben Hilzinger
Percussion - Greg Bennett
Mike - Bass, guitars, vocals
Additional sounds and keys - Connr Fychan
Produced and recorded by Mike Herrera
Recorded and mixed by: Bradly Miranda
Mastered by Matthew Wolk Mastering
Tomorrow Never Comes Music - 2016

Video Credits

Artist: Mike Herrera
Track: "New Year's Eve"
Directed and Edited by: Bryan Buchelt (Snaproll Studios)
Filmed by: Jake Gravbrot
Additional Crew: Robbi Perez
Produced by: Mike Herrera, Bryan Buchelt
Photos in slide show by: Jake Gravbrot, Ryan McKinnon, Jered Scott, Catherine Abegg and photos from my personal collection

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New Year's Eve Lyrics

walk down to the waters edge
watch the tide come in
think about this life and the places you have been
with plans so big and a love so strong we can carry on
the remaining days grow dark
but all it ever takes is that last spark

New Year's Eve
hopes held up high
as we say goodbye, 365 till the next NYE
feels good tonight to know you're alive

midnight, NYE turns to new years day
drank a couple few too many champagnes
i guess that's just my way
of taking the bull by the tail and shaking it around
I got no demands
but i would love to have you around on new years eve

New Year's Eve
hopes held up high
as we say goodbye
365 till the next NYE
feels good tonight
feels good tonight just to know you're alive
365 - 365 till the next NYE
with hopes held up high

untangle the lights and focus them
bright on your future
enjoy your last night and ride that train out of the past
ride that train out of the past

New Year's Eve
hopes held up high
as we say goodbye NYE

New Year's Eve
hopes held up high
as we say goodbye
365 till the next NYE
feels good tonight
feels good tonight just to know you're alive
365 - 365 till the next NYE
with hopes held up high