Welcome to the last show of 2015. Show number MHH138. Thank you for landing here.

High/lows. Music. T.V. Books. Life. Ordained ministers. MxPx talk. Pxpx. VIP meet and greets. Tom hates Star Wars. Bad jokes. More bad jokes.

It's all in here folks. This episode has a lot to digest. The High/lows segment up front was really fun. This is in part an end of year holiday special and part Mxpx discussion. Don't let that scare you. It's entertaining I promise.
You get to hear an exclusive song off the upcoming MxPx album "Left Coast Live" but right off the top this aired on Christmas night of 2015. Christmas on a Friday. I wrote a song about it last week. This is a fun one so have a listen to the latest MXPX Christmas song.

Later in the episode we get into full Mxpx talk both business and creative (The more I think of business and creative, the more I realize they can be the same thing. Creative business.).
We decided to try out a new show called Inside MXPX @InsideMxPx (follow on twitter) so we could directly talk to the audience and also talk out ideas and if they are dumb the listeners will tell us. This will be once a month or less. But as often as it's needed. And will also be available on video. That's the plan.
Now you should be listening to this or maybe you already have. Ok. If you have a question please ask on the comments on this blog. Thanks! This was a fun one.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. Happy New Year on deck!! Thank you for being part of wherever life takes us next. Enjoy the rest of the year and don't just make those plans, formulate a plan then go. Or if you are like me, you sometimes just go. No plan. Just do the damn thing. Do that enough times and you become a master at it. But these days it's hard to do. The odds are stacked against you. The house is heavy and it always wins. But wait just a second. Mxpx has been operating DIY for years and years. We don't need the house. We have the listeners. The odds don't matter as much now. Because we are playing a different game. I thought maybe people would want a glimpse into that world. That's what Inside MxPx is about. A two way street. Nothing will change with The Mike Herrera Hour on Idobi. I'd really appreciate it if you'd subscribe and rate the show on iTunes. Even if you don't listen in iTunes. Thank you!!

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 MXPX l Bremerton, WA 2015 @RjMcKinnon

MXPX l Bremerton, WA 2015 @RjMcKinnon