I went to see a matinee in 3D at the AMC in Silverdale, WA. There was a line at the ticket booth so I bought our tickets at an electronic kiosk and bypassed the line and human employee. But then the line for snacks was really poorly designed and needed management. It bottlenecked all the way back to the entrance yet there wasn't that many people and the lobby is really wide. So we're 1 for 1 so far. The self-serve-soda-machine with a plethora of choices really made the bad snack line less painful. Let's get to the movie.

The Martian, starring Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain and many big names you will recognize was really well done. The Author, Andy Weir is a software designer/coder type guy but had been writing sci/fi stories on the side for years. Writing and writing, gaining readers with each new chapter or story. He wrote "The Martian" as an online book that was not printed. When he got notes from his very smart scientist type readers about the science and theories in the book, he would then go back and revise the tech specs and science type substance in the story. You see, the book was only available online, so it was a living breathing piece of work. Because I knew this about the author previously I went into the movie already believing everything that was happening.

There are some choices made in the film that I found very hard to believe, but ultimately I decided to trust the filmmaker, Ridley Scott whom I've been a long time fan of his Alien series.

I enjoyed the stressed out vibes from watching Matt Damon problem solve like a boss. Had to remind myself to breathe a few times. It's a catch 22 with the stress and rattled nerves. I hate stress in my own daily life, but as entertainment it's ok? I never really understood that but none the less I enjoyed the suspense and tension that built up throughout the movie. Oh and the science is deep but doesn't bore you with too many of the details. He never made botany look so cool. I took botany in high school but I must have missed the part about using human excrement for fertilizer. Now I know.

This movie was interesting the whole way through even though the super comfy reclining 1st class seats made me sleepy and longing for a nap. I was so comfortable. Next time I'm bringing a neck pillow and sleeping bag. Curl up for a 3 hour, $12.50 nap.

All in all the movie was worth seeing on the big screen. And if you like modern 3D you'll like "The Martian" in 3D. It's subtle and really just uses the 3D as a tool to add depth to the landscapes and subjects onscreen. Gone are the days of the monster claw coming right at you making you leap out of your chair. Hell, I'm too comfortable in this chair to care about a 3D monster claw.

Hope everyone had somewhere to go and good people to be around for Thanksgiving. New episodes of the podcast will continue so look for that on Friday nights.