This week I recorded the whole episode with Dan Palmer of Zebrahead on my iPhone. It really works just fine. This episode is 2 different segments put together to make the hour. I'm pretty sure you guys will get into this conversation because it's a rare look (or listen) into where, what and how we've been feeling about the shows out here in Europe before and after the Paris Attacks on Friday, November 13. I am no philosopher but I try to break down my thoughts and feelings as they come. It's not very polished and the atmosphere changes daily but this is most definitely an honest conversation.

As I write this, I'm sitting in the upstairs backstage looking out a rainy Paris window. There's much to discuss here but it's very difficult to step outside of the situation and have a level head. Our two days off in Frejus, France was a big help with that.

This episode starts off at 66 mph and keeps going.. if you are a child don't listen (explicit). If you are an adult, enjoy. I know that not everyone listening will be able to relate to the lifestyle here in this show but it all comes down to doing what you love and not letting fear get in the way of that. Dan is the man. Thanks for being part of this journey. Thank you to all the Zebrahead band and crew! I can't thank you enough for all the good times, friendship, exploration and an overall great experience! Let's do it again. for tickets and tour info and yes, MERCH! We are coming back to Texas in 2016!

Jan 8 at Paper Tiger - San Antonio with FIF

Jan 9 at Trees - Dallas with FIF

tickets are already selling so don't wait! Questions? @mikeherreraTD and use #Mikeherrerahour