I'm currently out on tour playing MXPX shows in Europe with Zebrahead. We found a little bit of time to talk about the latest with Ali and Matty of Zebrahead and Jonny from Man With a Mission joins in on the conversation. It was really awesome to get to hang out and party with the MWAM band and crew. We cover a lot of ground but mainly talk about the Zebrahead vs MWAM collaboration and how it all came about. Ali recaps the tour very nicely and thank you all for my birthday wishes and messages from last weekend.

This episode has some music too! Here's the playlist in case you wanna look up the songs again and buy them.

1- Get Off of My Way (ENG version) by Man With A Mission

2- Out of Control by MWAM and ZH

3- Worse than This by Zebrahead

Photos by Katsuyoshi Aoki @ ADP

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Jan 8th, San Antonio: http://ticketf.ly/1Qzi4fj
Jan 9th, Dallas: http://ticketf.ly/1Qz8VTR