When you listen to MHH #129 you'll hear a brand new theme song play at the beginning of the show then again with just the instrumental later on. It's a work in progress, although I rarely let people hear my unfinished music. I wanted to just get it out there and see what you thought or even prove to myself that no one cares as much as me or as much as I think they do and it's not a big deal. I will be changing the mix and arrangement of the theme song but what you hear on this episode will be much like watching Season 1 of The Simpsons. The characters you all know and love are there, yet they look somewhat deformed, misshapen.

I'm somewhat delirious with all the projects I've been biting away at.  It's moving along and things are getting done, but with the way things work in my world I can't really finish 1 thing then move on. They come back!! New album? Gotta promote it, play it, talk about it. Emails, phone calls, text messages, DMs, IMs, Half my work revolves around waiting to hear back or get info from the outside world. So in the meantime I do a podcast, send another email, write down an idea, go to dinner, write a hook, record a bassline for a client, record a vocal part on a new song, post a photo on instagram, and now it's time to promote the podcast again and I've got to schedule the next guest but then this MXPX live video needs editing notes, and audio notes, and now someone texted me asking to share something and now it's time to get home to the family before my kid goes to bed. You see I got a few things done but not a lot of one thing.

It's like swallowing chunks of varying degrees of cooked meat. (If you don't eat meat replace this next analogy with a piece of Tofu.) Some is medium well and ready to go and others are raw, dripping. Not ready to be put into the stomach. Digestion is a problem when you can't process the raw meat. Ideas incubate. They often need a certain amount of "time in the womb". Some get hot quick and others have a slow warming over a long period of time. Some ideas just never ignite, some for the betterment of us all. Those are the indigestibles. Sounds like a band name. A bad one!

Each new day there are ideas ready to serve and eat. But that day does not come for every piece nor should it. I spend my time with all these ideas, raw to well done. The trick is to know when to serve the right ones at the right time or you may be the one causing the indigestion.

Now to the show notes:

I don't work on cars much more than putting gas in them and changing the oil occasionally. I couldn't tell you how they get my email from my phone to your phone over in Paris, Osaka, Budapest or even if you're just across town. My point is it's all black magic to me. There's many topics and skills that I'm nearly useless and would in some cases subtract to the conversation.
But when it comes to songwriting I can talk shop all day.

When songwriter, Jonathan Jones (instagram- @JonathanJones & twitter- @JonathanJones_) comes into the Trench for a session we always end up having pretty long and deep discussions based in and around the songwriter's life. This recorded conversation is only a fraction of what really goes on here at Monkey Trench Studios, Bremerton, WA.

We have a Mike Herrera Hour World Exclusive Premiere on this episode.
Hear the brand new finished yet unreleased song by Jonathan and his latest project, Supermassive. It's called "Potential". Jonathan and I explore some of the musical themes of his new song and project.

Songwriting with Jonathan Jones (We Shot the Moon, SuperMassive, Waking Ashland)

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