I'm a professional musician and documentarian. I grew up playing bass and singing in MxPx (a punk band). I'm touring solo acoustic these days as MHM (Mike Herrera Music) as well as filling in on bass or guitar for various bands.  My solo performances allow me to showcase several genres of music including Americana project Tumbledown.  I write what I sing so I sing what I love.
Yeah…yeah playing and singing, but that's not all. 

I'm a videographer, podcast host, and business owner.  I document my experiences, personal connections, and perceptions along my journey.  A web-series called Best Life is featured on my YouTube channel.  The podcast I host is called the Mike Herrera Hour on IDOBI Radio. Monkey Trench Studios is my recording studio.  Legionnaire is a line of clothing I co-founded.  The Store has custom designed merchandise and recordings from all of my projects.     

Connect with me on Twitter or Facebook for regular updates; I'm always moving forward and trying to learn about the world around me. This life is so good at times and sometimes so heartbreaking. Take it in as much as you can.


Book me as a live performer (I do fly outs), producer (even long distance), engineer, studio musician, studio singer, voice over work, feature work, public speaker, remixer, house shows, post production, video production, songwriting, private shows (not that kind!!), or you can get creative. Thanks!!

-Mike Herrera